Aldwyn Wayne

Aldwyn Wayne

Founder & CEO, WiPay

Aldwyn L. Wayne graduated from Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Masters of computer applications from the University of Georgia. He hails from the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and is originally from the quiet town of Point Fortin

Aldwyn is the founder and C.E.O of WiPay which provides innovative solutions
for e-commerce, online payments and facilitating digital transactions for the unbanked in Trinidad & Tobago, he has extended the service to other countries such as Jamaica, Guyana and St. Lucia where he has devoted 90 percent of his practice to a ‘cash less’ future for the last five years. He has extensive experience in unusual and innovative financings.

WiPay was created in 2016 as a direct result of a persistent problem. The Caribbean faced challenges with digital payments and the lack of ‘financial inclusion’ for the majority of persons. WiPay developed a uniquely ‘inclusive’ platform that is secure, flexible and simple to use. WiPay allows anything connected to the Internet to move money quickly, safely and easily for the ‘Banked’ and for the ‘Unbanked’. WiPay integrates with existing legacy systems to bring payments over the Internet to any industry, taking advantage of the latest developments in technology; built on the blockchain making it safe and secure. WiPay is the number one payment platform in the Caribbean empowering people to accept and make payments online using all forms of payment in local currency.

The Company has raised 1.5 million USD over 2 funding rounds and acquired WiFund you in December 2017. His recent activities include launching a mobile app designed to make all of WiPay’s services even more accessible to users and a line of Point of Sale devices which range from handheld units to sleek, compact countertop units.

Fast tracked to today Wipay has partnered with the National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago on a cashless solution when purchasing CNG.CNG users can now full-up and pay at the pump with a simple swipe or tap, making the overall transaction easier and faster

Wayne is a frequent speaker at e-commerce webinars, and financial functions. He is an optimist who thrives on making the future great through hard work and honesty. His good character, reputation and integrity is frequently nurtured to his team.

He lives in Trinidad, is interested in basketball, music and is extremely family oriented.

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