Cannelle Maricaux

A social impact entrepreneur driven by a determination to empower communities in West Africa and unlock their full social, economic and human potential, Cannelle Maricaux has lived the challenges that she is setting out to solve.

Throughout her formative development years and professional career, Ms. Maricaux has explored ways to build disruptive ways to update and advance long-established socioeconomic systems in the name of progress and shared prosperity.

This forward-thinking mindset and tireless pursuit of a better way of doing things was fostered from a life spent moving between developed and developing parts of the world, forging the outlook of a global citizen passionate about holistic human development.

Having honed her expertise in algorithmic trading, financial advisory and 4IR technologies, Ms. Maricaux moved to Dubai in 2018, where she is currently based and raising the funds for Koolute.

Given its reputation for anticipating and designing the future through smart urban initiatives, novel infrastructure, and its embracing of financial technologies, Dubai was the natural city of choice for Ms. Maricaux to continue her career development in cryptocurrency. A place where world-class urban infrastructure offers a blueprint to communities and economies around the world, Dubai also is the hub for Koolute.

While residing in Dubai, Ms. Maricaux will complete the Green Sustainable and Responsible Finance certificate from the Charter Institute for Securities & Investment in September 2022, which will ingrain an essential layer of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in ethics and compliance to her work in finance and sustainable development.

By harnessing an array of skills and knowledge that she has acquired, honed and refined, Ms. Maricaux is seeking to implement a seminal real estate ecosystem powered by blockchain technologies to help improve the livelihoods of people across developing economies, from Senegal and West Africa, to deliver on a mission that has been formulating in her mind over the last decade.

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