Kofi Genfi

Kofi Genfi

Co-Founder, Mazzuma

Kofi Genfi is a serial entrepreneur who cofounded two software companies before the age of 19. Today, he is a co-founder of both Mazzuma, a fast-growing company in the Fintech space for emerging markets. Mazzuma is a software innovation company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and mobile payment systems to improve financial inclusion in emerging markets.

Today, Mazzuma has processed more than $100 million in transactional volume and has over 300,000 customers on its platform. Inclined to his deep affection for innovative business strategies, he is responsible for the overall business strategy at both Mazzuma. His exceptional contribution to this field has been recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Technology category.

Kofi is a proud alumnus of the world-renowned Thiel Fellowship Network established by the technology billionaire Peter Thiel and The University of Oxford, Said Busïness School. Kofi has also provided consulting, engineering services, project management, and technical support for the UNDP in the field of Effective Plastic Waste Management and is a proud stakeholder of the Global Plastic Action Partnership.

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