Lela Omo-Ikirodah

Lela has over a decade of extensive experience in sales and strategy. She leads the operations in Nigeria and the West African region as the West Africa Regional Manager at Lipa Later, a leading Buy Now Pay Later solution focused on ensuring Africans in Africa have access to affordable living through installmental payments at Point of Sale.

Until recently, She was the Senior Vice president of Commercial at softcom Limited, responsible for leading strategy for the Commercial Division to create consistent and exceptional experiences for customers, whilst driving revenue and market penetration initiatives for the company’s focus areas.

Prior to joining Softcom, Lela was the Small Business Manager for West Africa, a role she occupied for close to 5 years at Cisco Systems. In that role, she was responsible for the market penetration of Cisco Small Business Solutions across English-speaking West African Countries. This also involved recruitment, activation and growth of Small Business (SB) focus partners as SB evangelists and ultimately extended workforce of Cisco.

She cut her teeth in consulting following her stint in KPMG where she worked as a management consultant gaining significant experience in business strategy development and implementation for top financial institutions in Nigeria including the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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