Mika Diol

Mika Diol

Founder, KaliSpot

Mika DIOL, from SENEGAL and USA, is a 20+ Years seasoned professional Executive with experience in Telco, Software and Systems at various Fortune 500 Tech companies. Passionate about Technology and Africa, he built from his garage in Atlanta USA the initial units of KaliSpot™, the 1st omnichannel private ATM network in West and Central Africa servicing Bank, Mobile Money and Fintech customers all together in a one-stop-shop 24/7 automated network of sites.

Recently backed by 500 Global in San Francisco with a pre-seed investment, Mika and his team are on a mission to PhiGitally (Physical and Digital) transform the way Financial Services are accessed in WCA region by developing the concept of Financial Inclusive Service Points (FISP™). According to Mika, taking himself as an example, even people who are so-called financially included are struggling to get available and reliable service from their provider, whether their bank, Mobile Money provider or Fintech. For unbanked population, the gap created by technology is getting wider which increases their preference of physical cash.

Thanks to his rich professional background and team, Mika is committed to put all KaliSpot™ expertise at the service of Africa. Mika identifies himself to reggae culture, Bob Marley and his iconic rally song “Africa Unite”.

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