Saidou Kanté

Saidou Kanté

CEO, Korix

Saïdou is a world traveller, technology consultant with over 10 years of recognized experience in delivering cross-sector business value, with strong skills in IT strategy, communication and team coordination.

Holding a degree in Computer Engineering from “Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal” and an MBA specialized in project management, he has on-hand experience from world leading companies, such as SAP, Ericsson and BNP Paribas. As an entrepreneur, he has been heading KISIBA, since 2018, a software development Startup serving the Malian tech ecosystem for the past 4 years.

Two years ago, leading a team of 3, with the ambition, to help solve systemic issues in sub-Saharan Africa, he embarked on the blockchain journey, and co-founded Korix. On a mission to unlock and scale the creative potential in sub-Saharan Africa, Korix is growing with the ultimate objective to build a Web-3 based equitable, decentralised and scalable culture ecosystem.

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