Yvonne Okafor

Yvonne Okafor

Co-founder, A&A Collective

Yvonne is a skilled management professional passionate about sustainable financing and international development in emerging markets.

Over the past 6+ years, Yvonne has held various investment and consulting roles between Kenya, Nigeria, and the US. She most recently worked as an Investment Officer at Untapped Global in Nairobi leading East and West Africa debt investments through their Asset Financing investment vehicle. Prior to that, she supported development and fundraising projects across Africa at Open Capital in Nairobi, Kenya. Through her work, she has provided varying operational, financial, and investment support to impact-focused investment firms, startups, growth businesses, and nonprofits.

Yvonne is also the co-founder of A&A Collective, the largest (450+ members) Africa-focused global non-profit community for junior to mid-level investment professionals. The goal of The Collective is to provide a space for young investment professionals to connect with each other, get access to contnuing investment education, and inspire positive impact in the African Investment Ecosystem.

She has an MSc in Finance from American University in Washington, DC, and a BSc of Science in Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Spanish from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.


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