Kotani Pay partners with Tokpay, to enable off-ramp services to its users

Kotani Pay, a technology stack that enables blockchain protocols, dapps, and fintech companies to integrate seamlessly into local payment channels has announced a partnership with Tokpay, a DeFi neo-bank for for micro-finance and social protection programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Acoording to Kotani Pay, the aim of this partnership is to provide off-ramp services to Tokpay through Kotani Pay’s withdrawal API. Users in Zambia will be able to convert their stored digital assets, loans, and investments in their Tokpay wallet to fiat. They will also be able to convert the fiat back to digital assets using Kotani Pay. The Tokpay enables access to uncollateralized loans from traditional finance and DeFi for microfinance.

DeFi is a disruptive fintech that is linking users to banking services such as loans, savings, investments, and storage of their digital assets, and Kotani Pay and Tokpay welcome this partnership as it provides a more inclusive banking approach, especially for Africans.

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