Skrmiish, a SA gaming startup, receives a US$2.5 million seed round

A US$2.5 million seed round has been raised for Skrmiish, a mobile “play-to-earn” software located in Cape Town that allows players of all skill levels to earn money in every match they play across the AAA+ games they like. Investors in the round so far confirmed include Launch Africa Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Stellar Development Foundation.

MoneyMatch, a feature created by Skrmiish and released in 2021, enables users to earn real money in every match they participate in without having to wait for a tournament or locate a peer to challenge them. MoneyMatch blends a conventional sportsbook method with conventional AAA+ game play and offers it live throughout the UK and Europe. After syncing Skrmiish with their gaming accounts, players receive their MoneyMatch Rating (MMR), which is based on their performance statistics.

The startup is currently completing its US$2.5 million seed round to support it in building on its global player base of over 100,000 gamers across more than 100 jurisdictions. Skrmiish will be able to use the seed financing to debut in North and Latin America, increase monthly income, integrate more gaming franchises, and release its Skrmiish coin. In order to strengthen the existing talented staff and keep moving the business ahead, it will also try to add a few essential experienced individuals.

Luke G., the CEO of Skrmiish said “Skrmiish will enable every gamer in the world to earn in every match they play within the games they already love…This is a revolution in the accessibility to earn while playing games and democratises the competitive esports and blockchain-based gaming industries. We’re fired up to launch our new MoneyMatch feature across multiple game titles, taking the casual gamer experience to a new level of excitement that we hope will delight players around the world.”

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