Hela.money, Africa’s Neo Crypto Banking Platform & DeFi Wallet

Hela Money, an African Crypto Neo Bank, and DeFi wallet, is bridging the gap in Africa between the traditional finance and decentralized finance ecosystem by developing an all-in-one blockchain platform that seamlessly handles financial needs such as payments, neobanking, tokenization, decentralized finance, wealth management and more.

Over 400 million Africans are not only underbanked but also find it challenging to interact with the complex world of DeFi, missing out on the immense benefits like micro-loans, micro-savings, and remittance.

Not only that, current DeFi protocols are too complicated for the average user locking out millions of users from access.

While the digital asset ecosystem has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, with countless players in the traditional finance industry now actively exploring crypto and the underlying distributed ledger technology (DLT), there are still various factors limiting the mainstream adoption of digital assets in Africa, including the complexity of blockchain, crypto security, and compliance issues, amongst others.

Hela money, a Kenyan Blockchain Fintech, is dedicated to helping African individuals, businesses, institutions, financial technology projects, and brokers, navigate the asset and digital asset economy with a full suite of compliant and secure solutions.

For its users, hela money will provide a reliable crypto payments & rewards system, dedicated IBAN, secure debit card for crypto spending, multicurrency custody account & crypto vaults, basic and advanced digital assets trading, crypto wealth management, as well as exposure to both traditional and DeFi investments.

Hela money will offer businesses enterprise-grade treasury management & gateway, escrow services, instant settlement, compliance services, fiat & digital asset custody solution, a dedicated OTC trading desk, digital asset accounting, and more.

Financial institutions that will integrate hela money into their operations can tap its fiat & digital asset custodial solutions, compliance services for crypto and fiat, OTC trading desk, API integration, stable coin as a service, and more.

Five key pillars govern the Hela Money ecosystem: Neobanking, Custody Platform, Hela Trust, Hela Pay, and Hela Exchange

Kebaya Mwamba, Co-Founder hela money said, “We are an African solution for African problems. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we are the link between two realities that today are disconnected in the African continent. We represent an all-in-one solution in an African ecosystem – that of blockchain banking, crypto custody, trust, and crypto payment – where it is difficult to combine traditional accounts with crypto accounts. We consider ourselves the bank of the future.”

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