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Crypto & DeFi in Africa – Where to from here?
Panel session on Crypto & DeFi in Africa - Where to from here? featuring insights and views from Sarah Idahosa - Lead, Nigerian Community and Token Team at Mara, Daniel Kimotho - Kenya Ecosystem Lead at The Celo Foundation, Brian Dennis - Head of Exchange at Bitmama, Alice Tomdio - CFO at Yellow Card and...
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‘Hack The Mara’ hackathon is now open to African creators and developers

In the Maasai Mara, landowners, wildlife, and tourism depend on one another for survival. The impact of COVID-19 has brought tourism to a standstill, jeopardising the revenue previously realised, and threatening to bring the ecosystem down. Teams are expected to build decentralised finance solutions that can serve anyone, anywhere, no matter how remote. This includes…

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