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Embedded Finance; Driving Access To Financial Services
Panel session on Embedded Finance; Driving Access To Financial Services featuring insights and views from Alex Christian - Co-founder at DataMynt, Hakeem Akiode - Head of Growth and Marketing at Youverify, Olufemi Olanipekun - Founder at VeendHQ, Jihan Abass - Founder and CEO at Lami and moderated by Thea Sokolowski - Head of Marketing at...
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YouVerify joins Africa Money and Defi Summit, Ghana 2022
YouVerify envisions an Africa where every African, and African business can build economic relationships and trust without worrying about fraud or compliance difficulties. They know what it looks like at the moment, and it is their mission to change it. 'We envision an Africa where every Africans, and African businesses can build economic relationships.' Click...
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Rapid Rise of Fraud is Fuelling Interest in Liveness Detection Tech

Article by YouVerify Digital onboarding and passwordless authentication have become widely adopted, especially with the advancement of online transaction technology. However, it has also come with the downside of an increase in fraud. Despite there being KYC and AML measures, fraudsters are coming up with creative ways to beat the system, causing a rise in…

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Youverify extends its seed funding by $1M as it expands into new African markets

Youverify, a San Francisco-based identity verification company helping African banks and startups automate Know Your Customer (KYC) and other compliance procedures, today announced that it has secured a $1M seed round extension. After initially raising $1.5M in 2020, the Company extended the seed round, raising an additional $1M, bringing the total amount raised to $2.5M….

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