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Web 3 needs to be mobile-ready: A case for mass adoption
Article by Brian Kimotho, Chief Marketing Officer, Kotani Pay The internet as imagined by Tim Barnes in the late ’80s was a world wide web that is open, decentralized, and allowed information sharing across the globe. With this knowledge, the journey from Web 1 which was a read-only internet, Web 2, a read-and-write internet, towards...
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Kotani Pay partners with Tokpay, to enable off-ramp services to its users

Kotani Pay, a technology stack that enables blockchain protocols, dapps, and fintech companies to integrate seamlessly into local payment channels has announced a partnership with Tokpay, a DeFi neo-bank for for micro-finance and social protection programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Acoording to Kotani Pay, the aim of this partnership is to provide off-ramp services to Tokpay…

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